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Berkshire Corporation, Advertising

Berkshire Corporation makes cleanroom consumables such as wipers, swabs and glove liners. Most of the world's industrial cleanrooms are involved in either electronics or pharmaceuticals. And as we all know, electronics are in a worldwide slump. Berkshire had developed its considerable share of the global market based on the uncompromising quality of its products. In this line of business, quality is defined by one word: clean. We were assigned the task of reflecting that quality through advertising.

This is definitely a high-tech market and the trade mags are full of ads using a "hi-tech," multilayered over-Photoshopped look. If there were a way to make 3-D logos rotate on a printed page, then you would see a lot of them in these trade mags. Our visual solution is to pare down the look to total simplicity. In other words, a clean look. The white-on-white product shots have just a hint of Berkshire's warm red corporate color. The Sterile Products have a blue glow.

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